General questions

We rent our bikes without insurance. You can add an insurance when booking. This costs 5€ for each day. The insurance covers damage caused by mechanical problems or falls. For damages over 500€ you pay the difference.

Note: The insurance does not cover theft. Make sure that the bike is always locked securely.

Rent Bike Meloneras has two locations in Meloneras. These are located at Playa Meloneras and the H10 Hotel.

Yes, it is compulsory to wear a helmet outside built-up areas in Gran Canaria. We will provide you with a helmet when you make your booking. 

Rent Bike Meloneras is open every day. You can find the opening hours on our website.

We are happy to provide hotel recommendations. In principle, hotel and flight must be booked separately.

Booking process

We offer reservations on our website. This way you can be sure to get the bike you want and we can adjust it directly to your measurements. If you decide spontaneously, you can also visit our bike rental at any time.

If you rent a bike, you will receive additional equipment when you pick it up so that you are equipped for the ride. This includes a bicycle helmet, lights, pump, lock and an extra inner tube. You can also have your own equipment such as saddle or pedals installed. It is best to inform us in advance and we will install the parts free of charge. In addition, our customers receive a bottle of water and a bar.

We don’t expect much so that you can get started quickly with the tours. Just have an ID or passport ready. We also need the booking confirmation and the rental amount stated on the confirmation invoice.

Payment for the bikes is made at the time of pick-up. We accept payment in cash and by credit card or debit card.

You do not have to pay a deposit with us. However, we expect you to treat your bike with respect. In case of theft or serious damage, the customer is liable up to the price of the bike, depending on the damage. 

The bikes can only be picked up at our locations. Please find out which shop is closest to you and contact us for reservations in advance.

Reservations are only possible online on our website or in the shop.

BIke questions

We offer a wide range of bicycles. You can check the prices in our catalogue.

Due to insurance reasons, you are not allowed to race with the rented bikes.

If there is a problem on the tour and you can’t continue, Rent Bike Meloneras will be happy to pick you up. 

We offer SPD, SPD-SL, Look Keo and also standard pedals. 

Bus drivers are not obliged to take your bike on the bus. However, some drivers do allow it.

It is important that the bike is locked up at night. Many hotels offer options to leave the bike

Unfortunately, we do not offer child seats for children. 

Tours questions

Rent Bike Meloneras helps you plan private routes. We use Strava or Garmin, among others, for this purpose.

In Gran Canaria there is no obligation to wear safety waistcoats. Nevertheless, it is recommended to wear safety waistcoats especially when touring in the dark. It is equally important to have proper lighting on your bike.

Although there are some cycle paths on Gran Canaria, most of the tours take place on main roads and other side roads.

The number of participants depends on the tour. If the tour cannot take place due to too few registrations, we will contact you in advance. We are confident that we will be able to find a good alternative.

The tours start with us in Meloneras.

If you would like to try out several bikes, they must be booked and reserved individually.

E-bike tours are available for children from the age of 12. For the other tours, the minimum age is 16.