Bike Guide: Bikes at a glance and unmissable tours in Gran Canaria

Learn about the different types of bicycles and plan your next tour in Gran Canaria with the bicycle of your choice.

Cycling is very popular among people of all ages and is gaining more and more enthusiasts. On a bicycle you are on the move and at the same time you can explore the most beautiful places in your surroundings. So why not leave your car behind when the weather is nice and get on your bicycle?

Not only at home, but also on holiday you can go on adventurous trips by bicycle. You can discover the most beautiful places and sights in no time at all. Gran Canaria offers you permanently beautiful weather, long beach promenades and unforgettable tours by bicycle. Whether it’s a family trip or a training camp for the next triathlon, the island has exciting tours by bicycle for everyone.

An overview of bicycles

Before you can start your bicycle tour, you first have to choose the right bicycle for your trip. There is a wide range of bicycles to choose from. Do you want to feel the adrenaline on breathtaking downhill rides? Then a mountain bike is the best choice for you. If you prefer a more leisurely excursion, a trekking bike or city bike is a suitable choice. So find out in advance which bicycle you want to use for your adventure.

Mountain bike, racing bike and more

The choice of bicycle depends on various factors. Among other things, the length of the route and the terrain play a role. Here is an overview of the most important and popular types of bicycle.

Mountain bike

The mountain bike is the ideal choice for mountain tours. If you want to go to the mountains, a mountain bike is an excellent option. Mountain bikes are all-terrain and offer good riding characteristics on uneven and bumpy tracks. The stability and grip are supported by the thick tyres and a robust tread. This allows you to maintain your speed on the bicycle even on wet or muddy ground.

The mountain bike segment can be divided into further categories. The most popular mountain bikes include hardtail bikes, all-mountain bicycles, the enduro or freeriders. These bicycles differ in their functions and suspension. If you are unsure, let the experts at Rent Bike Meloneras in Gran Canaria advise you.

Road bike

A road bike does not have any heavy components. Instead, only the most necessary equipment is installed. This makes the bikes particularly light and enables you to move quickly. Narrow rims and tyres increase the wind resistance of the bicycle, so that you can optimally gain speed on asphalted routes. Another feature of road bikes is the flexible handlebar with several grip positions. The high saddle on a road bike gives you a bent posture, which reduces the air resistance.

Gran Canaria is a true paradise for road cyclists. In addition to mostly flat routes, tours can be planned by bicycle into the mountains. The effort is rewarded, as different climates and breathtaking views await you on the island.


You don’t feel attracted to mountain bikes or racing bikes? A city bike is one of the most comfortable bicycles. The comfortable saddle and ergonomic frame promise a pleasant ride and comfortable sitting on the bike. City bikes are mainly designed as a bicycle for the city. The wide tyres allow for high stability and can be used optimally in everyday life.

The city bike was originally called a touring bike because it is often chosen as a bicycle for longer tours. City bikes have a rack and space for bike baskets or saddle bags, where you can stow your provisions or belongings.

Trekking bike

The trekking bike is the true all-rounder among bicycles. Whether asphalt, forest floor or gravel paths, the trekking bike masters any terrain. A trekking bike also has suspension and can cushion bumpy surfaces well. When touring on easy paths, the trekking bike is particularly durable.

At the same time, a trekking bike is suitable for carrying luggage because it has a rack. Likewise, the mudguards and the bicycle stand of the bicycle increase the comfort when touring with the trekking bike.

Electric bike

Electric bicycles are no longer considered old-fashioned and have become a popular alternative to conventional bicycles. The electric bicycle, which is mainly referred to as an e-bike, makes it possible to cover long distances without much effort. This is because the bicycle is powered by an electric motor, which is located on the rear or front wheel. E-bikes are available in various designs, from city bikes with electric motors to e-mountain bikes.

The biggest advantage of these bicycles is that you don’t break a sweat on longer rides and the motor supports you, especially on inclines. This allows you to conquer the mountains on Gran Canaria effortlessly and explore the island in a relaxed manner. The e-bike supports you with the motor when pedalling. Speeds between 25 and 30 kilometres per hour can be reached. You do not need a driving licence to ride an e-bike.

The most essential equipment

In addition to the right bicycle, the most important thing for cycling tours is the right equipment. You should not save on protective equipment and clothing. It is also important to adapt the saddle to your needs. If you have thought of everything and equipped your bicycle accordingly, nothing will stand in the way of a safe and exciting bike tour.

Bicycle helmet 

When it comes to a bicycle helmet, what matters most is not the design, but the right size and the right fit. You can measure the circumference of your head in advance to find a bicycle helmet in the right size. Make sure that the helmet does not shake or pinch. The comfort of the bicycle helmet is increased in warmer temperatures by ventilation slits and mesh inserts.

Bicycle saddle

A bicycle saddle for your bike should not be too hard or soft. Saddles vary according to the type of bicycle. City bikes usually have softer saddles than road bikes. A soft saddle is ideal for longer rides. In addition, a women’s saddle is wider than the model for men.

Bicycle computer

A bicycle computer or smartwatch can be easily stowed in your luggage when travelling and should not be missing on your bicycle tour. A bicycle computer provides information on the number of revolutions, pulse or calories burned during the tour. High-quality models also provide information about the temperature or altitude and can be used for GPS navigation. Therefore, a bicycle computer is an indispensable utensil for optimising training or planning tours by bicycle.

Cycling in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a true paradise for cyclists, which appeals not only to professionals. There are suitable tours for everyone who is looking for a break from the beach and the everyday tourist routine.

Exciting tours with the racing bike

The island offers the best conditions for racing cyclists. Long tours around the island can be planned without any problems, as the roads are well developed for cyclists. The countless viewpoints and diverse vegetation are spectacular. From jungle to desert, everything can be easily reached by road bike on Gran Canaria. Maspalomas and Meloneras are particularly popular starting points for many racing bicycle tours.

Mountain bike trips

Gran Canaria offers numerous descents for mountain bike enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. The tours are a variety of sandy ground and paved sections. If you want to explore the island by mountain bike, you should inform yourself in advance and can look forward to many interesting bike tours.

Cycling along the beach promenade with the city bike

Especially the surroundings of Maspalomas can be explored excellently by city bike. You can reach several beaches by bicycle or cycle along the beach promenade of Meloneras. The streets and pedestrian paths on Gran Canaria are wide and offer the perfect opportunity to cycle to the beach or to the next restaurant.

Planning your trip

Although spontaneous tours by bicycle allow for unforgettable experiences, a bicycle tour should still be planned in advance. In addition to planning individual tours, you also need to get the ideal bicycle. 

The right way to plan a bicycle tour

The right equipment is part of planning your next tour in Gran Canaria. You should always have enough water in your luggage. Your mobile phone and other belongings can be stowed in your bag. Don’t underestimate the temperatures in the mountains and pack the right clothes. Sunscreen is a must.

To plan your routes, you can get information on the internet or in travel guides. This way you don’t just ride off on your bicycle, but can look forward to a well-planned tour by bicycle. In Gran Canaria you can plan guided tours with experienced guides. Rent Bike Meloneras will be happy to advise you or plan unforgettable tours with you.

Rent a bike or bring your own?

You are afraid that a rented bicycle can’t keep up with the equipment of your own bicycle? Many cycling professionals take their bike with them on the plane. Not only does this incur additional costs, it also takes a lot more time and effort to plan. The advantage of renting a bicycle is that you don’t have to transport it. You can reserve the bicycle in advance at Rent Bike Meloneras, so that it is ready to use on arrival. At Rent Bike Meloneras you will find a variety of bicycles in the best condition, which will be adjusted to your measurements. 

Rent Bike Meloneras will also be happy to fit your personal equipment to the bicycle. This way you don’t have to miss out on the equipment you are used to. When renting a bicycle, measurements are first taken so that the bicycle can be adjusted to the right size. You can choose a model that suits you online or on location.

Rent Bike Playa Meloneras

Rent Bike Meloneras rents high-quality bicycles and adjusts them to your individual preferences. The range of bicycles includes a wide variety of models, from city bikes to mountain bikes. There is also a wide range of e-bikes. At the same time, you can have your bicycle repaired or book bicycle tours at Rent Bike Meloneras. Rent Bike Meloneras is located in the H10 Hotel, the Centro Comercial Meloneras Sunset Beach shopping centre and the Centro Comercial Varadero.


Are there tours in Gran Canaria suitable for every type of bicycle? 

Gran Canaria offers exciting cycling tours for every cyclist due to its landscape. Both cycling professionals and beginners get their full enjoyment and can explore the island at their own pace.

What makes Gran Canaria so special as a destination?

Gran Canaria has pleasant temperatures all year round. In addition, the island is characterised by varied vegetation and offers unforgettable viewpoints.

How do you measure the suitable size of your bicycle?

To ensure that the bicycle fits you perfectly, your body size is crucial. The frame and handlebars are adjusted to the right height.

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