Rent Bike Playa Meloneras: An insight into the service of the bike rental

Rent Bike at Playa Meloneras offers you a full service with bike rental, repair, customization and guided bike tours.

Gran Canaria is not only a convincing holiday destination for long beach days and relaxation. The island is also a true paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, here you will find suitable tours for every level.

Of course, you can’t do without the right bike on a cycling tour. You can also transport it by plane and bring it with you to the island. However, the effort involved in transporting it is enormous.

It is much less stressful to rent a bike on the island according to your wishes and requirements. Rent Bike Meloneras convinces as a bike rental with an outstanding service and many additional services. Whether you want to rent a bike or plan a tour, at Rent Bike Meloneras you are in the best hands.

Rent your bike

Rent Bike Meloneras is a bike rental company that specializes in renting high quality and efficient bicycles. With Rent Bike you can rent a bike and expect the highest quality, courteous staff and an all-round carefree service. Rent Bike has several locations in Meloneras. You will find the bike rental in the Hotel H10 and directly at Playa Meloneras. Look forward to personal advice and a large selection of bikes.

Range of bicycles

You will find a wide range of bicycles for rent at Rent Bike Meloneras. Suitable bikes are available for relaxed cycling along the beach promenade as well as for more demanding tours in the mountains. The bike rental Rent Bike Meloneras offers city bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes and an exclusive range of e-bikes.

At Rent Bike Meloneras you can rent a bike from Specialized, Colnago and Cannondale. Rent Bike specialises as a bike rental on high-quality bicycles that promise a high level of comfort and maximum performance.

In addition to a wide range of brands and types of bikes, you will find models for women, men and children in the bike rental shop Rent Bike Meloneras. Bikes for women have a lower entrance and allow for maximum balance during the ride. If you want to plan an excursion with the whole family, bikes for children can be booked directly.

Road bikes and mountain bikes 

Are the differences between high quality bikes and simpler bikes that big? Rent Bike Meloneras wants to offer you as a bike rental the best bikes to make every bike tour a special experience. The racing bikes and mountain bikes in the bike rental stand out for their light weight and versatile functionality. Thanks to the special geometry and aerodynamics of the bikes, you can conquer climbs with ease and take advantage of the bikes’ streamlining on flat stretches.

The racing bikes from the bike rental Rent Bike Meloneras are among the most modern and fastest on the market, so you can optimise your training under the best conditions. The mountain bikes are also available at Rent Bike in different versions and are ideal for steep descents and difficult trails. For more relaxed tours, you can rent road bikes from the bike rental, which are a true all-rounder among bikes. If you are unsure about your choice of bike, the bike rental Rent Bike Meloneras will be happy to advise you on your options.


The bike rental has expanded its range to include modern e-bikes. The e-bikes from Specialized convince with their appealing design and will take you up every mountain without any effort. Depending on the model, the e-bikes in the bike rental are suitable for relaxed tours or mountain biking. The e-bikes support you with powerful motors when cycling. 

Adjustment and customization

To ensure that the bike is optimally adjusted to you as a rider, Rent Bike Meloneras uses a biomechanical measurement. If the bike is adjusted to your size and needs at the bike rental, you can look forward to maximum comfort during the ride.

The bike rental Rent Bike will first select a bike with the right frame size for you. An incorrect frame size not only leads to an unhealthy posture and is uncomfortable, but can also cause pain during longer rides. If, on the other hand, the bike is adjusted to your measurements, you will adopt a healthy posture during the ride and can enjoy the tours to the full.

To avoid waiting times at Rent Bike, you can specify your measurements directly when booking. The bike rental company uses the information to adjust the desired bike. Among other things, the saddle and handlebar height are adjusted accordingly. If the bike has been reserved in advance, it will be ready for you on arrival and the adventure can begin.

Other accessories

In addition to a suitable bicycle, the bike rental service Rent Bike will be happy to advise you on the selection of further equipment. A bicycle helmet, which should fit tightly, ensures optimal safety. When you pick up your bike, you will also receive a bottle of water, which can be attached to the bike. You can also rent a small repair kit for emergencies from Rent Bike Meloneras and purchase suitable cycling clothing.

Rent Bike Meloneras does not only offer its own accessories. You can also have your own equipment installed in the bike rental and have the bike equipped according to your wishes. Whether it’s a specific saddle or other gadgets, Rent Bike makes everything possible and will be happy to install the equipment for you.

Repair service 

Rent Bike Meloneras has also established itself on the island with its repair service. Here you can expect a repair service with competence. Whether it’s a burst tyre or major damage, Rent Bike Meloneras will repair your bike in the bike rental with the claim of the best possible service. You can bring your bike to the bike rental shop at any time and have the damage repaired there. If there is major damage to the bike during the bike tour, you can have Rent Bike Meloneras pick you up.

Besides the repair service, Rent Bike Meloneras offers a bike cleaning service. Bikes get dirty quickly, especially due to the sandy environment. Rent Bike Meloneras cleans your bike reliably and thoroughly so that the dirt does not cause any long-term damage to the bike. 

Bike tours on the island

Once you’ve decided on a suitable bike at Rent Bike, you’re ready to go. Do you want to explore the island on your own or do you prefer a planned tour with experienced guides? Rent Bike Meloneras offers guided tours that can be booked online or on site. If you are already experienced and like to ride alone, the bike rental service will give you exciting tips for the next tour. You can choose from guided tours on Strava or install Garmin on your bike computer. 

Guided bike tours

If you feel too insecure for your own tours and prefer to ride in a group, Rent Bike Meloneras offers guided bike tours. You can find out about the different tours in advance on the website. They vary in difficulty and route. On the tours, the guides show you the most beautiful places on the island, which are ideal to reach by bike. The tours are adapted to your level so that you can keep up well and experience the diversity of the island at first hand.

The routes offered are usually between 40 and 80 kilometres long, so that even beginners can look forward to pleasant tours. When choosing your tour, also pay attention to the metres in altitude. Although the distance usually seems doable at first glance, the additional effort caused by the gradients should not be disregarded.

If you are unsure, the bike rental service will be happy to assess your level together with you. In addition to a bicycle and helmet, the planned tours naturally also include fixed breaks as well as drinks and an energy bar for the necessary power.

Tours for every level

Gran Canaria has a lot to offer in terms of altitude, but the island’s varied landscape allows tours for every level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, you’re sure to get your money’s worth here. The bike rental service is happy to recommend easier tours on which you can explore the island together with family or friends.

During the bike tours you will discover a variety of vegetation and can enjoy your breaks at the most beautiful viewpoints. So what are you waiting for? Book your bike tour with the experienced guides from Rent Bike Meloneras in Gran Canaria now. In addition to tours with other tourists, you can also request private tours and have individual tours planned by the bike rental company.


Can you have your own equipment installed at Rent Bike? 

Rent Bike Meloneras is happy to fit your own equipment to the rented bikes. This means you don’t have to do without anything and can explore the island with your rented bike in the best possible way.

Is it worth renting a bike in Gran Canaria?

Gran Canaria is not called a paradise for cyclists without reason. Renting a bike is worthwhile, as you can discover breathtaking places by bike in the best weather at any time of the year.

Can I rent a racing bike at Rent Bike?

Rent Bike offers a wide range of bikes. In addition to mountain bikes and road bikes, you can of course also choose a road bike.

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