The most important things to consider when renting bikes

To be able to rent the ideal bike on vacation, we give you an overview of the most important tips so that you can look forward to great cycling tours. 

Rent a bike on holiday? Nothing could be easier. In popular holiday destinations, you have the opportunity to rent a bike in countless places. Bicycles are a great way to explore the surroundings and get your body in motion.

Gran Canaria is a popular holiday paradise with countless beaches. But the island also invites you to discover its diverse nature. There are numerous cycling routes to choose from. Rent a bike, plan your route and off you go.

Rent a bike on your vacation 

Many cyclists choose their holiday destination according to which places are particularly popular for cycling tours. You can find out in advance which destinations are suitable for a cycling holiday. Components such as the landscape and the weather play important roles. Gran Canaria has warm weather and few rainy days all year round. These are the perfect conditions for you to rent a bike on site.

On the island, routes can be planned in different lengths and with varying altitude metres. Everyone is guaranteed to get their money’s worth. The island is equally suitable for real professionals, but also for hobby cyclists.

If you want to train for your next triathlon, you can rent a bike on the island that is optimally equipped and improve your performance in fantastic weather. Due to the varied vegetation, the island offers different tours on which you can see the famous dunes and the mountainous landscape of Gran Canaria.

You want a change from the beach and want to explore the island as a hobby cyclist? In this situation you can also rent a bike and start cycling. Renting a bike is easy in Gran Canaria and can be done for one or more days. On the bike you can discover many spectacular places that are inaccessible by car.

If you would like to rent a bike but are unsure of your plans, Rent Bike Meloneras will be happy to advise you and help you choose a suitable bike and route. Here you can rent a bike spontaneously and flexibly at any time and enjoy competent and friendly service.

The right fit of the bike 

If you want to rent a bike from Rent Bike Meloneras, the first thing to consider is the right fit. Components such as frame height, saddle and handlebars are the first things to look for when renting a bike. Depending on the tour, you should also rent a bike that meets the requirements for the respective terrain. For a relaxed tour along the beach promenade, you should rent a bike which is different than for steep descents in the mountains.

Bicycle types

Bike rentals offer different types of bikes. This way you can rent a bike that is optimally designed for your project and the respective terrain.

The city bike is often referred to as a touring bike and its geometry guarantees a high level of comfort. Therefore, the city bike is one of the most comfortable bikes and you can rent a bike for leisurely tours. You can store your shopping and other luggage on the carrier and go on short or longer tours with the city bike.

Gran Canaria is a popular destination for racing cyclists. Road bikes are particularly narrow and light. The streamlined design of the bike allows you to move quickly on flat stretches, but also on climbs in the mountains. For fast tours, you should therefore definitely rent a road bike as a bicycle.

A true all-rounder among bicycles is the trekking bike, which is suitable for various surfaces. The sporty yet practical ergonomics of the trekking bike impress with a high level of comfort.

In addition to trekking bikes, you can also rent a mountain bike as a bicycle. You love the thrill and want to feel adrenaline? The mountain bike is designed for mountain tours and promises the necessary grip on uneven paths. A robust profile and thick tyres contribute to this.

Do you want a more leisurely tour and don’t want to work up too much of a sweat under the Spanish sun? Nowadays, e-bikes are equipped with the latest technology and are highly recommended for cycling novices. The e-bike supports you with a motor while pedalling, so that you can reach speeds between 25 and 30 kilometres per hour in a relaxed manner. You can easily rent e-bikes in Gran Canaria as an alternative to a simple bicycle.

Frame height

If you want to rent a bike and have decided on a bike type, it’s time to consider the frame height. The frame height refers to the dimensions of the bicycle frame, which forms the basic structure of the bicycle. Frame length, head tube and other components determine the handling of the bicycle and influence the riding comfort. If you want to rent a bike, it will be selected with the correct frame height for you. The frame height is measured from the centre of the pedal tube to the top of the seat tube.

How is the correct frame height determined when you want to rent a bike? To determine the frame height, you first need to measure your stride length. The stride length is the inside leg length from the heel to the stride. Next to your height, this is the most important factor when choosing the frame size. To determine the frame height, the inseam is multiplied by a factor of 0.66. At Rent Bike Meloneras, you can specify your body measurements in advance when booking a bike rental.

Saddle, handlebars and pedals

In addition to the frame, the saddle, handlebars and pedals play a decisive role in ensuring optimal handling and a high level of comfort on longer tours. The bicycle saddle influences comfort far more than you might think. There are different bicycle saddles depending on the intended use.

If you want to rent a bike that is more sporty, a narrower saddle will be fitted. City bikes or mountain bikes, on the other hand, increase comfort with a softer saddle and better suspension. With rental bikes, the correct saddle height and distance from the handlebars are adjusted for you.

The handlebars have a particular influence on your sitting posture during the ride. This is either upright or stretched out. Adjusting the handlebar angle optimises your sitting posture. With regard to the pedals, you can rent a bike that has block pedals or clipless pedals. You need special cycling shoes for clipless pedals.

Safety check-up

Regardless of whether you rent a bike locally or use your own, you should check your bike for any defects before you start your journey. To be able to ride safely on the roads, the bike must be in perfect technical condition. If you want to rent a bike, the bike rental company will check it for you. However, before every ride you should check that the tyres have enough air and that the brakes and gears are working properly.

Tips for true professionals and beginners 

Rent a bike and head off? No problem at Rent Bike Meloneras. If you decide to rent a bike there, the bike rental on the island offers you a unique service. Because if you want to rent a bike, you can look forward to additional services. Our tip: Don’t just rent a bike, but also think about other equipment and plan a unique route together with the experienced guides.

Installing your own equipment

The bike rental Rent Bike Meloneras will gladly install additional equipment for you if you want to rent a bike there. This includes, for example, a special saddle or special pedals that you have brought from home. This allows you to continue your training on Gran Canaria and you don’t have to miss out on anything if you want to rent a bike. Transporting your own bike is usually much more expensive. Instead, you can simply rent a bike and have it adapted to your needs.

Important bike gear

Accessories for cycling not only increase comfort, but also safety. So don’t forget to rent a suitable helmet when you rent a bike. Also, familiarise yourself with the bike before you ride it. Especially if you want to rent an e-bike as a bicycle, a short introduction will help. This will make you feel comfortable on the bike and you can enjoy the tour to the full.

For longer tours, it is advisable to have the necessary equipment for repairs in your luggage. This is also helpful if other bicycle parts need to be adjusted after the start of the tour. The most important utensils include a bicycle tube, repair kit, air pump and smaller bicycle tools.

At Rent Bike Meloneras you can not only rent a bike, but also get useful equipment for your bike tour. For example, you can rent a holder for your water bottle so that you can drink enough during the ride. Money, ID and additional functional clothing can be stowed in a backpack or saddle bag.

Rent Bike Playa Meloneras

Rent Bike Meloneras is the best place to rent a bike on the island. The bike rental company has several locations in Meloneras and offers high-quality bikes for rent. Rent Bike Meloneras puts special emphasis on the individual adaptation of the bikes to your needs when you want to rent a bike.

If you rent a bike, you can specify your body measurements when making your reservation. Through biomechanical measurement, the bike is adjusted to your size and you can look forward to optimal comfort during the ride. In addition, Rent Bike Meloneras is happy to install personal equipment if you want to rent a bike there.

In addition to bike rental, you can book guided tours at Rent Bike Meloneras. On Gran Canaria you will find tours with different levels of difficulty and lengths. If you would rather rent a bike and explore the island on your own, the bike rental service will also be happy to advise you in detail and help you to make an unforgettable tour. 


Can you rent high-quality bicycles even on vacation?

At Rent Bike Meloneras, you can choose top-equipped bicycles from excellent manufacturers, which will more than meet your requirements.

Which things do you have to consider when renting a bike?

If you want to rent a bike, the adjustment to your size is especially important. In addition to the right type of bike, make sure that the rented bike fits well.

Can professional cyclists also find suitable bikes?

In addition to trekking bikes and city bikes, professionals can choose a suitable bike from a wide range of road bikes or e-bikes.

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